Kauri Briccole Cedro

For almost one hundred years Riva 1920 has paid great attention to selecting the best materials to create its own furniture collection, which is characterized by reliability and durability.

The company stands out in the furnishing industry for the use of re-used woods such as the millennial Kauri of New Zealand dated 50,000 years, the Briccole, the discarded poles coming from  the Venice lagoon and the scented Cedar of Lebanon.

To illustrate this journey to discover our three excellent and extraordinary woods, three monographs have been created dedicated to each type of wood.

From the selection of the raw material to the processing phase to the presentation of the various collections told through the iconic pieces conceived by the internationally  renowned designers.

A concrete inspiration to experience the home through the unmistakable style of the Riva 1920 collection of furniture, a picture that is composed of set and still life images, thanks to which the products take shape.

They are not  simple furnishing accessories, the essence of the material is a mixture of tradition, creativity, craftsmanship, innovation and uniqueness; these are the characteristics that make each piece a wonderful piece.

Kauri, Briccole and Cedro are silent interpreters of the natural world, the task of the company is simple: to help nature take shape, to express itself to its full potential in compliance with the safeguard and protection of the tree heritage.

Let yourselves be fascinated  by the history of Kauri, inspired by the uniqueness of the Briccole and the pleasant scent of Cedar.

Icons: a voyage to the discovery of Riva 1920’s Icons

A suggestive collection of the most representative pieces, that made, make and will make the history of our company. As an outcome of the exceptional artisan production the brand promoted through a collaboration with the most important and famous designers, this catalogue wants to inspire and at the same time celebrate the feelings and the emotions coming out from the warmth of the solid wood. The result is a wishlist which can be useful to whoever plans to restyle his own home: even though furniture trends may change, there are things that will never go out of fashion.


The style of Riva 1920’s collection shines through the images of the room settings, perfect synthesis of the identity of the company, made up of traditions, culture, creativity and innovation.

The object of the locations shots is characterized by different architectural styles consisting of house landscape where the furniture of Riva 1920 is the protagonist, as in a portrait of an author.

The architecture of the location and the design of the furniture merge together and complete each other to express the versatility of Riva 1920’s pieces that find their "place" within the settings in which they are placed.

Four types of style: Milan with an elegant and bourgeois character, Como classic model of an industrial space, Brescia modern loft with essential design and Cucciago farmstead with a rustic but contemporary allure.


The pictures reveal a world made of handcrafting and elegance, where the contemporary design exalts the ideas and where the attention to details creates something special, unique and timeless.