This is what lies behind “Barrique, the new life of wood”, the project born from Riva 1920 and San Patrignano in 2012, which saw the creation of design objects through the wood of the barriques, capable of containing 230 liters.
The wood of the barriques aged by time and by the presence of the wine contained in the casks, is not destroyed but is revived thanks to this project that aims at recycling, environmental sustainability and social awareness.


Great names in design, art and fashion have given a shape to this noble reused wood, discarded from its primary functionality, full of strong and characterizing values: respect for the environment and social awareness.
Simple creations of nature, they perform a task for a few years, only later are they interpreted and transformed into furnishing products with a strong character, with a unique style, able of personalizing every space in which they are inserted. Exclusive solutions that amaze for their attention to detail, the particularity of the material, with an ecological and sustainable design, of great intrinsic value, which interprets a timeless living space, to be handed down and preserved, in full respect of people



“Umbrella stand whose shape is characterized by the outline and burgundy colour of the staves from barrels. The base and upper rim, both made of iron, ensure support and solidity.”
I attempted to redesign the form and function of the barrique, which explains why the distinctive shape of the plank made me rethink the form yet with a new liquid content. I wished to create an object whereby the exterior and interior of the stave, neverthless always hidden from sight, were clear, where the distinctive blood red color is predominant and indicative of the life of the wood and the wine. The iron cup at the bottom contains, envelops and sustains the staves, becoming a supporting structure and container at the same time, all of which is held together by the ring at the top according to the same principle applied to the creation of the caskets themselves. [Terry Dwan]


We would like to dedicate all the ‘moments of growth’ which led to the creation of these beautiful objects to all the young people of San Patrignano, to all those living there now and those who will. Because only those who have the strength to raise up again and the courage to change, will be able to make their dream come true.