The Riva Center is a suggestive building totally covered in Siberian larch wood, inaugurated in 2010.
The cladding was born from a design idea of the Renzo Piano Building Workshop study carried out for Harvard University.

Over 5000 pieces on display to tell a great story.
Woodworking machines and tools in a unique collection across Europe for the quantity of pieces present.
The protagonist of excellence of this space is the Antico table, 12 meters of thousand-year-old Kauri wood, dated 48,000 years, with an iron base designed by Arch. Renzo Piano.

1200 square meters of exhibition to give voice to the essence and uniqueness of the Riva 1920 brand furniture collection made of solid wood. A succession of environments characterized by an authentic naturalness that tell a story made of passion, style, tradition and innovation.
In this space, you can see a collection of crafts bicycles dating back to the early 1900s

The top floor of the Riva Center houses a multifunctional and educational space for communication and design with the world.
Here is the Pangea table, the symbol of Expo 2015, designed by Michele de Lucchi and inspired by the only large continent that originally included all the emerged lands.

Along all the walls, a xyloteque that collects about 900 woods from all over the world and a series of glass cases in which a selection of materials and processes is contained, fruit of the collaboration with other companies in the area.