"The new luxury is living in a sustainable and ecological space."

Maurizio Riva



"Produce honestly to hand down to future generations, making solid wood furniture
able to challenge time while fully respecting the environment".
This is the thought that guides and motivates every daily action of Riva 1920.


We envision a planet in which creativity, design and innovation may reshape society for the better, with the aim of preserving an intact living environment for future generations. Our strong commitment is dedicated to improving the quality of living spaces through the power of artisanship, technology and the made in Italy value.


We design, tailor and create products that enhance spaces, connect people and don’t harm the environment. Furniture entirely made in Italy whose longevity is central for sustainable development. We are proud to preserve the craftsmanship in the age of technology, with timeless creations which don’t follow short-term trends.


It all started in 1920 in Cantù, in the heart of Brianza, in a small family-run artisan workshop founded by Nino Romano and specialized in the production of classic style solid wood furnishings. In the mid-1940s, he entered the Mario Riva laboratory, which continued his father-in-law's activity. The brothers Maurizio and Davide Riva follow in the footsteps of their father and grandfather and in the late '70s they began working as carpenters in the shop under the house, dedicating themselves to custom furniture. An artisanal process of enhancement of natural wood begins through the use of completely natural waxes and oils, a distinctive feature of Riva 1920. In 1987 the first production unit is inaugurated and sister Anna joins the company. In 1992, Riva 1920 presented its furniture collection for the first time at the Milan International Furniture Fair.

Alongside the woods from planned and controlled cuts, the company introduces the reused woods such as the millennial Kauri of New Zealand, the Briccole of the Venice Lagoon and the Cedar of Lebanon. In 2005 the second production unit was inaugurated and in 2010 the construction of the Riva Center, a building born from a design idea of the Renzo Piano Building Workshop studio, was completed. The space hosts on the ground floor a Showroom of about 1200 square meters. and on the first floor the Museum of Wood.
In 2013 a third production unit specialized in the processing of cedar logs is opened. In 2017, the second floor of the Riva Center is inaugurated, which houses the Pangea table, a symbol of Expo 2015 signed by Michele de Lucchi, and a xylotheque with woods from all over the world.