The path to sustainable production

In the current context, innovation and sustainability have become key words in the world of interior design, especially when it comes to working with natural materials such as wood. Companies operating in this sector must adopt a responsible approach to the conservation of natural resources and the reduction of environmental impact. But what does it really mean to commit to a sustainable future? Is it enough to follow trends, or do we need to take a more radical and conscious approach?

At Riva 1920, we have a long tradition and passion for solid wood. We strive to answer these questions through responsible manufacturing practices and staying true to our values.

With over a century of history, we have been able to keep the tradition of wood craftsmanship alive while integrating cutting-edge technologies and eco-innovative designs. Our mission to “preserve the innate beauty of nature” is reflected in every piece of furniture we create, proving that it is possible to combine the ancient and the modern in eco-sustainable production.


The centrality of wood design

In our creations, wood is not just a natural material to work with, but the very essence of design. Solid wood is a living material, full of history and warmth, capable of transforming each piece of furniture into a unique and unrepeatable work. Every grain, every hue, tells a story, the story of the tree it comes from, the seasons it has lived through, the weather it has endured, just like Kauri wood, a thousand-year-old wood from New Zealand that has been buried in the ground for millennia and incredibly retains all the qualities of freshly cut wood.

At Riva 1920, we believe that sustainability should never compromise quality and elegance. Each of our pieces of furniture, whether reclaimed or antique, is tangible proof that environmental responsibility and refined aesthetics can coexist. The quality of our solid wood furniture is not just visible; it is an ethical quality rooted in our respect for nature and our passion for what we do.

Balancing innovation and tradition in furniture design

The greatest challenge for a company like ours has always been to balance fidelity to traditional carpentry techniques with the need to innovate and respond to growing demands for sustainability. This challenge is not only technical, but also cultural and philosophical. We have distinguished ourselves in the field of furniture design through a path of constant innovation, both in materials and processing techniques, as well as in production processes and design philosophy. With over a century of history, The company has always maintained and respected the traditional techniques of Brianza woodworking. For example, the dovetail joint, a typical element of traditional cabinetmaking, characterized by a series of perfectly complementary male and female elements that are pressed together, is still used today.

Production techniques have been optimized to ensure precision and quality while maintaining the authenticity and natural beauty of the wood. Over the years, we have expanded our collection of traditional woods, such as American walnut, and incorporated rare, sought-after and reclaimed woods, such as Kauri and Lebanese cedar wood, to give each piece of furniture its own identity and ensure high quality standards. This commitment to research and development has resulted in a distinct design identity for each product, always maintaining a strong link with the naturalness of the materials used.

Expansion into international markets and collaborations with world-renowned designers have contributed to the innovation of our furniture, positively influencing the design and functionality of the products. These collaborations result in unique pieces where innovation meets tradition, sustainability meets style, and wood remains the undisputed protagonist. With their relentless commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability, they prove that it is possible to create a world where elegance and respect for nature coexist.

Feel the quality and beauty of our furniture, discover the story behind each piece, and join us in our commitment to a greener, more sustainable future. Visit our website or showroom to learn more about our products!


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