A new project born out of the encounter and the partnership between Maurizio & Davide Riva and Andrea Muccioli. The oak of San Patrignano’s barrels, where the wines of the community age, makes over and becomes a series of design objects signed by internationally renowned architects and designers.

Sustainability, reuse, recycling and environmental respect are concepts and behaviours that became, throughout time, a distinct feature of Riva 1920’s way of life. The project “Barrels revive in San Patrignano” was born out of the encounter and the partnership between Maurizio & Davide Riva and Andrea Muccioli. The wood of these barrels will be reused by the boys and girls of the community and transformed into fine design objects.

Following the realization of the projects involving the reuse of millenary Kauri wood, scented cedarwood and Venetian Briccole, the Riva brothers commit to face a human journey, and a professional one.

San Patrignano, with its 1500 boys and girls, is the biggest centre in Europe for drug rehabilitation. The community, throughout its 30 year-activity, has successfully developed an important wine growing and producing activity. Its 100 hectares of vineyards produce every year 400 thousand bottles of wines that are well-known and appreciated world wide for their quality. The wines age inside barriques and tonneaux that are barrels with a 225/500-litre-capacity, made of  French oak wood, aged at open air for at least three years. The life of each of these containers is of only three years after which the wood of the barrels is doomed to be destroyed. Thanks to the recycle plan Riva 1920 has carried out for years, the wood of the barrels will be reused and brought back to life.

The Riva brothers and Andrea Muccioli, together with internationally renowned architects and designers, will create design objects that will be realized by the 40 carpenters of San Patrignano using the wood of old barrels. Afterwards, the fine objects will be sold through the community’s commercial network, following a raise-awareness strategy on issues regarding reuse of environmental sustainability.

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