Stefano Boeri Architetti signs the project for the new set- up of the hall which hosts again, after four years of restoration, the preparatory drawing for the fresco of the School of Athens located in the Stanza delle Segnature of the Vatican Museums drawn entirely by Raphael.

“All of our set-up choices, starting from the approaching sequences the great Cartoon, are designed to prepare the public for the vision of a work that holds – intact – in itself a wonderful conjunction of meanings, being at the time a finished work and yet destined to be the preparation of a final work, “says Stefano Boeri. “For this reason, we have designed a large solid oak table (made by Riva1920) for the same room, aimed to collect texts and in-depth documents on the history of the Cartoon, on how it has been made, on its relationship with the fresco in the Sala della Segnatura in the Vatican Museums ”.

“It’s a real honor and a privilege for us to take part to the staging of the exhibition hall, completely devoted to Raphael’s Cartoon, on a project by Stefano Boeri Architetti ”  says Maurizio Riva, entrepreneur in Cantù (Co) which runs the family firm, founded about 100 years ago, together with his brother Davide and his sister Anna.

“The project we worked on and which involved us as protagonists – he continues- consists of a more than 4 meter long  table  (4.40 mt. X 1.50 mt.) composed of two one-piece staggered 7,5 cm. thickness oak slabs. They are charachterised by a central iron profile for tablets cables passage .

The metal base consists of 4 iron spokes (“irondust” lacquered) intersecting in the middle and forming a four-pointed star. Three oak benches ,with iron base consisting of two inclined iron legs, are the completion of this setting”.

Project by Stefano Boeri Architetti

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