Highboard in solid wood and blockboard, characterised by a frame containing the top, inside shelves and drawers made with traditional dovetail joints and a grooved handle. Equipped with two hinged doors with push-pull opening; the special vertical processing of the doors, Fresart, creates a modern and dynamic geometric effect.




Fresart media noce
Fresart media rovere
Fresart mossa noce
Fresart mossa rovere
Fresart sottile noce

Fresart sottile rovere

Fresart sottile rovere
All samples, as well as pictures of the available materials and finishes, are to be considered as purely indicative. Possible differences in colour and features of the materials used for production cannot be considered as reason for claim, because linked to their natural characteristics (e.g. wood grain and knots, aspect of the iron or of leather and fabric etc.) or to the handcraft (e.g. lacquer on iron etc.). For any further information you are kindly invited to read the Annex “A” to our General Sales Conditions, that can be downloaded from the reserved area of our website www.riva1920.it.
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