Steve Leung

Steve Leung is an international renowned architect, interior and
product designer born in Hong Kong. He was awarded the 19th
Andrew Martin International Interior Designer of the Year Award and
his works have been credited with over 130 design and corporate
awards worldwide. Steve’s works reflect the projects’ unique
characters with his contemporary touch, taking inspiration from the
Asian culture and arts. He is enthusiastically engaged in the design
industry. Currently the President 2017-2019 of the International
Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI) and the Board of
Directors of Hong Kong Design Centre, Steve has also established
“C-Foundation” in 2014, joining hands with interior designers from
Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, to actively promote the
education and development of the design industry. Yin & Yang is his
first collaboration for Riva 1920, the furniture collection is the perfect
embodiment of Steve’s signature contemporary design inspired by
the Asian culture and arts, for a unique East-Meets-West experience

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