International award winning designer & author Jamie Durie started his design practice 16 years ago in 1998. Since then he & his team at Durie Design have received over 33 international design awards with his latest design accolade received in May 2014 when he was awarded the New York Design Award for his interior dining chair titled, Tubular Dining Chair he designed for RIVA 1920.
Although the practice started in the field of landscape architecture, Durie Design has evolved today into a multi-disciplinary design practice in areas of architecture, interior architecture, landscape, & his greatest passion, furniture design.
Durie & his team have created a unique design language & coined it ‘transterior’ & has become well known for creating seamless transitions between the indoors & out. He stands behind his philosophy of taking the outdoors in & the indoors out, & giving the client the ability of having a greater connection to nature in a sophisticated & carefully considered design environment even if furniture takes inspiration from nature.

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