She was born in Brianza, the green area north of Milan, she immediately developed a clear interest in the way of design and architecture. She inherited from her family business a thorough knowledge of the tradition of wood, the art of carpentry and above all the pas-sion for everything she makes.
She constantly carries with her an explosive energy that her parents, mother from Sicily and father from Brianza, spread through her like a lifeblood.

Graduated by the Polytechnic of Milan, she shared work experiences with important brands in the sector. She has collaborated as a leading interior architect with international-ly renowned studios and architects on large scale projects. She has worked in Italy and abroad, mainly in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Bucharest, Astana, Almaty, Dubai and London on luxury residences, commercial areas, hotels and residences.

She is used to taking care of the project in a timely and punctual manner, focusing on all the details that make it up, from architecture to decoration.
She specialized in the world of design, carrying out projects both for leading companies in the sector and custom items directly for the customer.

Her working philosophy begins by taking into consideration the settings that will host her project so that it becomes one. She never imposes her presence but, with a respectful sense of hospitality, she tries to support the surrounding environment by creating scenar-ios in which the client can feel the sense of belonging.
Everything is a source of inspiration for her; she considers the detail what gives life to ar-chitecture, design, creativity and everything that belongs to her.

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