Teatro Agorà - La Triennale Milano

Built between 1932 and 1933 within the Sempione Park by the Architect Giovanni Muzio, Palazzo dell'Arte becomes the seat of the Triennale of Milan.

A modular and flexible building, designed to accommodate big  events and museum activities. 12,000 square meters of exhibition halls and spaces dedicated to the public in the heart of Milan.

For over 80 years, the Triennale di Milano is a landmark in the cultural and economic life, the engine of an intense international dialogue between society, art and enterprises.

The museum hosts events and exhibitions concerning architecture, music, media arts, urban design and contemporary design in Italy.

Situated inside the Triennale Design Museum (but separated from it), you can find  the Agorà Theatre designed in 2007 by Italo Rota and realized by Riva 1920.

It 'a space conceived as "Agorà" ,with wooden steps on the perimeter; suitable to organize debates, seminars and conferences, in particular on the topic of design and architecture.

Designed by Italo Rota in 2007, it combines archaic and technology: the interior is made entirely of wood obtained from the cedars of Lebanon, while the outside shows an aluminum mirrors game.

At the center of the room threre is a special video system composed of 52 monitors, visible from every seat.