Martin Ballendat is an internationally successful designer for more than 35 years.
Born in Bochum in 1958 he studied Design at the Folkwangschule in Essen. After 3 years as an employee for the company Sedus at the border to Switzerland he took over the design- and development department of the Austrian company Wiesner Hager 1986 and shaped their design for more than 10 years.
In 1995 he founded his own studio in Upper Austria and later a second one in Germany. Meanwhile Design Ballendat is a company with 16 employees and is working for more than 40 very well-known brands in more than 16 countries.
He achieved more than 150 design awards, among them 40xRedDot-Award and all over 20 Best of Best, Silver- or Gold-awards and was Designer of the year 2019 in UK (Mixology- Award).
Martin Ballendat has worked other 15 years as lecturer and visiting professor at the Universities of applied sciences in the field of design in Graz and Salzburg.

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