4° Design Award - Ceremony

Scopri chi ha vinto!

Riva1920 Category Under 26
3rd place: Bibimariyam Mussakhanova with "Pine Cone Chair"rewards Giovanni Gemmani for SCM group and Jamie durie
2nd place: Damiano Fontanabona with "Zuava" rewards Giovanni Colombo for Salice and Giuliano Cappelletti
1st place: Andrea Menchini with "Fish" rewards Manuela Soffientini for Electrolux and Gilda Bojardi

Riva1920 Category Over 26
3rd place: Raffaele Bonadies with "Alma" rewards Marco Silva for Alphacam and Marc Sadler
2nd place: Leonardo Mercurio with "Mademoiselle"rewards Enrico Bonzano for Bonzano group and Claudio Bellini
1st place: Tommaso Andolfatto with "Luna" rewards Thomas Bartoli for Eataly and Terry Dwan

Category Special Prize
for Lamborghini: Boyan Grigorov with "Butterfly" rewards Michele Tinazzo
for Riva 1920: Pavel Vetrov with "Opus" rewards Monica Riva