YIN & YANG COLLECTION design Steve Leung

100th ANNIVERSARY (1920-2020) 

Drawing inspiration from Yin & Yang, a dual principle of traditional Chinese philosophy, this exquisite collection includes two pieces of furniture: a Lounge Chair and a Coffee Table. The collection explores the wisdom of harmony and graceful balance, reimagined through a contemporary design and refined craftsmanship.

The collection is a harmonious interplay of dual materials made visually stunning and echoing Yin & Yang philosophy. The Lounge Chair is made of wooden structure and refined leather, with stitching that presents an understated sophistication. Contrasting leather, a softer but solid material, the Coffee Table paired crystal glass, a hard but transparent material with Chinese fan-inspired striking wooden base arrangement, speaks top notch craftsmanship of the brand.

The synergy of selection of materials and the circular form of the collection, reinforce the sense of infinite endurance and wholeness, projecting Yin & Yang collection in the bright future of Riva 1920, whilst honouring the brand’s centenary history and reputed craftsmanship.