Mario Botta is the protagonist of this edition of the Nature cycle, MAXXI Architettura’s way of offering a different sort of monographic exhibition by inviting artists to tell their stories through installation of their own exhibition. The theme of “sacred and profane” that lends the exhibition is title is interpreted in the broadest sense, the sacredness inherent in every architectural action, from experimentation with forms to sensitivity to the context.

The solid wood, to be exact the Cedar of Lebanon, with its heady scent, was able to give life to Mario Botta’s project for the exhibition at the Maxxi Museum in Rome. A circular pavilion entirely made by Riva1920. The pavilion was conceived to create an intimate space for reflection, in which to devote oneself to writing or reading.

The work is made up of 93 solid wood strips of scented cedar from Lebanon, each assembled by means of a dovetail joint. The structure takes the form of the Clessidra, the stool showing the deep union between Riva1920 and Mario Botta.

Inside, the curved shelves are used to house books, documents and paper archives.

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