Riva Center

The building of the centre is almost entirely covered with larch, a homage to the wood, the everlasting feature of Riva 1920. In the wide and welcoming showroom, on the ground floor, is possible to touch some pieces of the main collections of Riva 1920, while on the first floor there is the unique Wood Museum that offers a real journey in the history and evolution of wood and its processes, cultural heritage of the company, since the beginning. The museum is always open to the public and the entrance is free.
The area can be reserved for corporate events.


Due to the delicate situation in Italy and in order to protect the health of its workers and employees, Riva 1920 has decided to extend the closure of its offices, showroom and production units until further notice.We hope that this situation will improve in a short time to come back to the normal working activities soon.We thank you for your understanding.
Anna, Davide e Maurizio Riva

Riva 1920


The space on the ground floor is a Showroom of about 1200 square meters, which exalts the essence and uniqueness of the collection of solid wood furniture. The space also houses a collection of old bicycles of the crafts dating from the early 1900s.

Museum of wood

On the first floor of the building you can find the Museum of Wood, with over 5,000 pieces on display including woodworking machines and tools, a unique collection of its kind in Europe for its number of pieces. Undisputed star of the space is the “Antico” table, made of millennial Kauri wood, 48,000 years old and 12 meters long, with the iron base design by Architect Renzo Piano.

Pangea Lab

On the second floor you can find Pangea Lab, a training and educational space that houses the table Pangea, symbol of Expo 2015 design by Michele de Lucchi, inspired to the single continent that once was believed to include all the emerged lands. All along the walls there is a xylotheque, a collection of woods coming from all over the world and a selection of glass display cases, containing a selection of materials and works resulting from the collaboration with other companies working in the region.