table D’hOt

Davide Oldani


Solid wood table made entirely from strips of wood glued together, featuring a single central leg standing on an iron plate. Fitted with a ledge for napkins under the table top.

Available in a round, oval, square or rectangular version.

Finish: base of oil / natural wax of vegetable origin with pine extracts.


Davide Oldani


Davide Oldani, the creator of cucina POP - high quality and accessibility - opened his restaurant il D'O, in 2003, in his hometown of Cornaredo in the province of Milan. One year after opening, the world's most authoritative food guides counted him among the greatest chefs of contemporary Italian cuisine. Prior to opening D'O, he worked with Gualtiero Marchesi, Albert Roux, Alain Ducasse and Pierre Hermé.

In December 2008, Oldani was awarded the Ambrogino d'Oro by the City of Milan. 

In November 2013 he was invited to Harvard Business School to share his experience as an entrepreneur following a case history about his restaurant, which was published in the Harvard Business School Review: the economics professors at the university defined his approach and his organization applicable to many different sectors, not only to restaurants. In March 2015 he held a lesson at the University of Business in Paris HEC. In May 2014 he saw the opening of Davide Oldani Cafè - in the new luxury Piazza at Maplensa Airport, Milan. From September to November 2013 he conducted the first season of the program The Chef, on channel La5. From September to December 2014 he conducted the second season of the program The Chef, on channel La5. He has been named Ambassador Expo 2015 and in the same year he took part as speaker at the World Business Forum in Milan. His publications include: Cuoco andata e ritorno (2008)La mia cucina pop. L'arte di caramellare i sogni (2009), POP, La nuova grande cucina italiana (2010)Il giusto e il gusto (2012)Storie di sport e cucina (2013)CheFacile (2013), ), POP FOO’D – La cucina NON regionale italiana (2015).

For the past 14 years, Oldani has been collaborating with the authoritative culinary magazine, La cucina italiana, and writes a weekly column about sport and cucina POP for the magazine Sport Week

In 2016 he inaugurated a restaurant in Manila and opened his new D’O at Cornaredo*, an evolution of the previous one, where he will be able to create “greater” cuisine, able to be measured against the other cuisines of our country and not only.

His activity as a designer is born from keen observation of his guests and their habits. Tables, chairs, dishes, tableware and glassware are inspired by the POP cuisine philosophy: simple, functional, elegant.

The brands created for his designs are:  “IDish” - "assiette D’O” - “H2D’O"

The formats are: “FOO’D” - “Davide Oldani Cafè” - “CucinaPOP”


Wood and finishes
Oak with knots
Vintage oak with knots
Walnut with knots
Cherrywood, oil
Metal and finishes
Titanium, matt brushed effect
Aged Copper, matt brushed effect
Aged bronze, matt brushed effect
Stainless steel, matt brushed effect
RAL 3020 Traffic red
RAL 9005 Jet black
RAL 8019 Grey brown
RAL 7037 Dusty grey
RAL 7035 Light grey
RAL 9016 Traffic white
RAL 9010 Pure white
RAL 1013 Oyster white
RAL 9002 Grey white
RAL 9001 Cream white
Natural iron , oiled ( standard version)
iron "Irondust" Lacquered

data sheet

Natural Living

Each purchaser that buys a Riva 1920 product will receive as a gift a small plant, upon request, to return the favour to nature that originally produced the wood used for the production of the piece of furniture purchased.


Picture is for presentation purposes only, therefore it could be not perfectly representative.
Packaging in wooden crate has been replaced with packaging in recycled carton for a lower impact on the environment.

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