Stool made from a single block of aromatic cedar that is inspired by a favourite and indispensable object in the female universe: the handbag. The products are made from completely natural wood, hand-finished without the addition of any treatment. Movements, cracks and changes in the appearance of the wood are intrinsic characteristics of these items and result from the natural settlement and diverse environmental conditions.




The AMeBE, Alessandra Mantovani (1983) and Eleonora Barbareschi (1984), after several work experiences in Italy and abroad, decide to move back to Italy in July 2008 starting their own independent design studio, studio AMeBE. 

Together the AMeBE deal with design alternating the more conventional client work with the the realization of independent productions.

AMeBE (in Italian), the name, in addition to being the acronym of the founders initials, is inspired by the ameba, the fascinating organism characterized by its continuous evolutions. The term Ameba, or rather Amoeba, is derived from Ancient Greek and means “change, transformation".

“We love giving birth to ideas that stimulate the sphere of feelings and emotions, while bringing irony and a critical perspective.”


Wood and finishes
Cedar Sanded
Cedar Vulcano
Utah Leather
108 - Noir
107 - Chocolat
106 - Havane
105 - Taupe
104 - Gris Perle
103 - Mattone
102 - Kanyon
101 - Savane

data sheet

Natural Living

Each purchaser that buys a Riva 1920 product will receive as a gift a small plant, upon request, to return the favour to nature that originally produced the wood used for the production of the piece of furniture purchased.


Picture is for presentation purposes only, therefore it could be not perfectly representative.
Packaging in wooden crate has been replaced with packaging in recycled carton for a lower impact on the environment.

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