Briccole a Murano

Luisa Castiglioni


The briccole are as much a part of our image of Venice as the water of the lagoon. Indeed, here three strange white wooden posts protrude from the water, leaning one against the other as they have done for nearly five hundred years, to signal to Venetians where their boats can safely travel.  Their function is indispensable.  But it took the observant eye of Riva 1920 to notice that the material of which they are made might be suitable for re-use. The theme of the re-use of the briccole suggested by the Riva brothers to the designers is certainly a fascinating one. I would like to make a modest proposal for a briccola with coloured glass.


Luisa Castiglioni


Graduated in July 31st, 1946 at the high school of architecture at Politecnico of Milan, she took part to different competitions. Her works are awarded and published by famous publications.

In the following years Luisa Castiglioni followed some project of private residence and shops. At the same time she always worked in the interiors’ planning, but also a series of office’s furniture.

 Since  the 70’s architect Castiglioni continues to dedicate to the planning of private buildings, hotels and art gallery.


Wood and finishes

data sheet

Natural Living

Each purchaser that buys a Riva 1920 product will receive as a gift a small plant, upon request, to return the favour to nature that originally produced the wood used for the production of the piece of furniture purchased.


Picture is for presentation purposes only, therefore it could be not perfectly representative.
Packaging in wooden crate has been replaced with packaging in recycled carton for a lower impact on the environment.

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