Thomas Herzog


The new life of the “bric­cole”  They were underwater and now they are under glass, another of the ma­te­ria­ls that remind us of the history of the Lagoon of Venice... Unchanged the me­mo­ry of the place where they performed their previous functio­n... They are pre­sent in all their in­di­vi­dua­l beauty, showing off their outer and their inner cha­rac­te­r. Sea-life no longer covers their sur­face but its traces remain. The inside of the “briccola”, oak wood, still hidden, is strong and hard as ever. In my project it remains the load-bearing element of the small tables VICE and VERSA.


Thomas Herzog


1941Born in Munich, classical grammar school 

1960-65 studies and degree in architecture at the Polytechnic University in Munich.

1971-72 German Academic Univeristy Villa Massimo in Rome

1972 Dissertation on “pneumatic structures” at La Sapienza University

since 1971 establishment of his own practice with several partners. Since then he has worked jointly with Verena Herzog-Loibl, Dipl.-Designer

Development of building systems for the use of renewable forms of energy
Development of new building products
Housing, administration, industrial and exhibition buildings

1974 Professor of Architecture at University of Kassel for ”Design and Product Development” 

2000 German General Commissioner of 7th International Biennale of Architecture in Venice  

2000-03Expert ‘Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft  Member of Scientific Comittee of XX. and XXI. World Congress of Architecture UIA in Beijing 1999 and Berlin 2002.

Authors and editors of several monographs and technical guides in many languages.


Wood and finishes

data sheet

Natural Living

Each purchaser that buys a Riva 1920 product will receive as a gift a small plant, upon request, to return the favour to nature that originally produced the wood used for the production of the piece of furniture purchased.


Picture is for presentation purposes only, therefore it could be not perfectly representative.
Packaging in wooden crate has been replaced with packaging in recycled carton for a lower impact on the environment.

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