“W. Women in Italian Design” - LA TRIENNALE MILANO, ITALY

The ninth edition of the Triennale Design Museum (April 2nd , 2016 - February 19th , 2017) organized  by Silvana Annicchiarico and with exhibition design by Margherita Palli, faces the Italian design in the light of one of the most delicate issues, the most difficult, but also more stimulating and suggestive that is the gender issue.

Within the exhibition,  were included 3 pieces  of Riva 1920, born by the inspiration of 2 women: Falò  and Maui, designed by Terry Dwan, One Love designed by  GIANNI VENEZIANO  AND LUCIANA DI VIRGILIO / VENEZIANO +TEAM +.

W. Women in Italian Design,  tries  to chart a new history of Italian female design, reconstructing figures, theories, design attitudes originated   in the twentieth century and that were established, transformed and evolved in the twenty-first century.



All the twentieth century modernity has put at the edge the women’s projects, almost ignored by design historians and theorists. The twenty-first century is more and more characterized by a renewed strength of such projects.

Women create, design, experience, risk, challenge.

Triennale Design Museum wants then celebrate the feminine as the new creative subject of a less assertive, less authoritarian, more spontaneous and more dynamic design.