UPGRADE The woods of my childhood

An exhibition, a dialogue, a think tank where people, professionals, artists are confronted with the company’s wastes to create new meanings. They give newfound dignity to what is normally eliminated and concealed. The waste  becomes a starting point  full of  meaning and potential. Here what normally is the flip side of the coin of growth and consumerism becomes a cue to evolve inwardly, to retrieve the  eyes of a child: curious, magical and poetic but ruthlessly honest. Here the creator, as well as the visitor, are encouraged to consider their own making,  going beyond appearance. Here, thanks to the stimulus of the designer and organizer Cristina Toscanini, has been given a playful life to the Being, thanks to the waste matter. Here the remains of unfinished productions, the semi-finished products concealed into the drawer, the unutterable feelings, have become players in 60 different and amazing worlds. Sixty, among artists, designers and professionals including MAURIZIO RIVA got involved and dared to be rather than appear, creating  without limits, except those of their own imagination, giving space to the inner self to restore the meaning of  what is  insignificant.


On display CHEFEET,  a stool made of solid scented cedar wood , carved  from a single block, copy of a chef's hat "out of scale", designed by the architect Patrizia Bozuffi  in honor of the chef Carlo Cracco.

Maurizio Riva, owner of Riva 1920, has decided to combine a pair of clogs to the stool: the result is Chefeet!

The opening  of the exhibition "UPGRADE  , The woods of our childhood" was  on  14.10.2016

Within the FESTIVAL  DELLA CRESCITA  of Francesco Morace you can see the calendar of events of the festival on the website www.festivalcrescita.it.

The organization as well as the idea of ​​the exhibition  is by  Cristina Toscanini

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The organization was held in collaboration with ADI Lombardia http://www.adi-design.org/homepage.html

Palazzo delle Stelline - Corso Magenta 61, Milan

Opening time : 9.30 - 19.00 from 13th until 16th October 2016