Towers in the air - Michele De Lucchi

Project for Fondazione Zoé, Corso Palladio 36, Vicenza

Breathing is life’s basic principle and its rhythm depends on emotions: the breathing of dread (Tower 1), the breathing of joy (Tower 2), the breathing of waiting (Tower 3), the breathing of birth (Tower 4) and the breathing of sexual instinct (Tower 5).

Breathing happens though an expansion and compression process.
Man’s breathing is the world’s breathing; therefore the world is never quiet, but keeps on withdrawing and swelling.

Physically and metaphorically breathing belongs to architecture as well, because it changes all the time. In highly technological situations, where everything is strict, perfect, industrial, the best part is man’s irregular touch.

In such a rigorous geometry, like the one of a circular tower, every distortion totally changes the physical strictness and gives a human meaning to mathematical perfection.
Japanese craftsmen press their thumbs onto the ceramic cups, which they had previously created with great precision, showing that man’s presence oozes from them as well.

Michele De Lucchi