Time for Design - Design Museum, West London

Phillips is proud to present Time for Design, an online and live benefit auction in support of the new Design Museum in West London, featuring affordably priced design objects donated by collectors, gallerists, designers and Design Museum supporters alike.

Riva1920 is proud to present "Convivium" design by Antonio Citterio

The “Convivium” table does not set out to be a product that is an end in itself, the formal achievement of a design. Instead it is a real container of a concrete project. The table becomes a reference point, an encounter, a place of sharing and exchange.

A concept of true centrality, an expression of the typical Italian tradition: a passion for the preparation and consumption of food, a ritual that takes place around the table, generating a sense of belonging between the people gathered there for the occasion.

The materials used link back to the idea of recycling and a timeless concept.

The wood chosen for the table is called Kauri and comes from New Zealand. This is the most ancient wood in the world. These gigantic trees appeared in the Jurassic period and were felled by enormous cataclysms over 50,000 years ago, remaining buried under meters of mud until our time, in an extraordinary state of conservation. Trunks are unearthed with lengths of as many as 70 meters and a diameter of 9 meters, veritable natural sculptures ready to be crafted, and to become amazingly unique design pieces.

The central tray is in Carrara marble, universally known as one of the finest types of marble, and ready to contain small pots for aromatic herbs.

So the encounter is not just between people, but also with the materials utilized: “real” materials that wear over time and with time, where memories settle, almost as if they were telling a story. The two natural elements – age-old Kauri wood and Carrara marble – blend together: even the contrasts contribute to construct and reinforce the concept of compatibility and versatility of this object.