Stanze. Altre filosofie dell'abitare - LA TRIENNALE MILANO, ITALY

Andrea Anastasio- Risonanze 

Main partner: Riva 1920

The design for the room was triggered by reflecting on living spaces as places in which the many relational potentials for human beings coexist on a daily basis – the opportunities to affirm or deny the dimension of listening to oneself, to others and to the world in particular.

The project is intended to give shape to a combination of polarities identified by this reflection on the domestic space.

Internal-external; microcosm-macrocosm: isolation-relationship: closed-open; dialogue-indifference; health-illness. The furnishing elements essential to daily life were identified – table – bed – container -, and then arranged inside the room so as to mark so as to mark out two virtual axes, suggesting the intersection of the two rooms.

A semi – transparent curtain was hung across them, chopping them in half. While substantially altering the furniture, splitting it did not preclude its functionality, while sharpening its symbolic/narrative properties.