Riva 1920 x Eataly Trieste

On Tuesday, January 17th, at 11 o'clock, was inaugurated the first Eataly in Friuli Venezia Giulia,in  Trieste, situated on the Shores of the Harbor: the best of local and national food and wine connoisseurship is reinterpreted following Eataly's key points: "buy, eat and learn".

Eataly Trieste extends over  3 floors and 3,000 square meters, is situated inside the Antico Magazzino Vini (the old Warehouse of Wines), built in 1902 to store the barrels that came from Istria and Dalmatia and characterized by an ingenious watering system to keep  constant its internal temperature. It has always been a place of trade, commerce and excellent products, and the Warehouse has been restored thanks to the fundamental intervention of the Foundation CRTrieste. Following the project of the Florentine architect Marco Casamonti working by Archea architectural firm, the historic structure has remained intact and was surrounded by stained glass windows that make it even brighter and more impressive and from which you can admire the Harbor and the wonderful Gulf landscape.

Eataly Trieste is dedicated to winds blowing on Italy, " they are beauty encounters that create a microclimate, unique in the world and give rise to the extraordinary biodiversity, typical of our country. There are so many stories of winds that meet with the sea and the traditions, giving rise to quality raw materials and excellent food and wine products: Eataly Trieste wants to tell them all, celebrating the products,  resulting from  the wind and their incomparable beauty”, tells the founder Oscar Farinetti.

On the other hand, Trieste is the city of the winds - whether it is Bora, South-west wind, Northeast wind  or Mistral, all have helped in bringing from every cardinal point  the oldest culinary and cultural traditions. Sergio Staino has dedicated to them four settings, which Eataly has the honor of hosting: the  hand of Bobo’s father , that  represents with beauty and irony the winds that lash and caress the Italian landscape. When talking about winds and Trieste, we cannot  forget the Barcolana, the historic international sailing regatta that takes place every year in the Gulf of the City suitable for both professionals and amateurs. The most significant images of the last editions are on display inside Eataly Trieste, to relive the emotions of an international exhibition , a symbol of the region.

With over 4,000 products on each shelf, 5 refreshments areas , the Illy Café and the Wine Shop with more than a thousand brands, "Eataly Trieste wants to tell the cultural and food and wine  heritage that characterizes a very special, borderless, multilingual, multicultural and multireligious region. The richness of its traditions is a precious asset that Eataly is committed to highlight every day with good local products, the best cooking recipes and educational deepenings, "says Eataly's executive chairman Andrea Guerra.

That's how the Osteria del Vento (The wind tavern)  proposes seafood and land specialties, highlighting the flavors of Trieste cooking: from starters to sweets, the chefs tell the story of a meeting between different cultures, the Mediterranean and Middle European one, while from the wood-burning oven comes out a wide selection of pizzas prepared with the best ingredients. At the counter of Cold Cuts and  Cheeses, of Butcher and Rotisserie  you can buy but also stop for a quick snack, a delicious meal or to take home the delicious dishes already prepared. The fish shop  Fish Academy - The Barcaccia offers a selection of the best fish of the day, reworked in tasty recipes to be enjoyed with a good glass of wine or as a take away. Finally, the Pane&Vino (Bread  & Wine) wine bar is the ideal place to enjoy  an aperitif, a "rebechin" (the mid morning snack) with friends or a fast lunch served on the cutting board , salads, best wines,Spritz and Cocktails.

In a city like Trieste you cannot miss the Gran Bar Illy with its  wide rangeof cafés, and to finish lunch in sweetness there are the ice cream branded Agrimontana and the chocolate branded Domori.

Downstairs  you can find the Enoteca (the wine shop) , which offers a wide range of wines, beers and spirits:the great national names but also the worthy small producers, with particular attention to the region, the biodiversity and eco-friendly. From the good bulk  wine, going through the vineyards of Collio and the Karst, the Orange Wines, typical of the North Adriatic, to the vintage Barolo: the world of wine is represented in all its facets, beers, with a selection of more than 110 different types of great Italian and local production, and that of spirits, thanks to the presence of more than 100 labels on shelves, among which you can find of course the best local schnapps.

Finally, always downstairs, La Scuola (the School) of the Eataly Trieste, educational classroom with thirty seats where lessons, cookery classes, tastings and private events dedicated to  adults, children and retired people are held.

Eataly Trieste is located at Riva Tommaso Gulli, 1 and it’s open from Sunday to Thursday from 9.00 am to 10.30 pm, on Friday and Saturday from 9.00 am to 12.00 am.

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