Riva 1920 - Pyeongchang 2018

The Yong Pyong Golf Club di Pyeongchang will  host Casa Italia during the  Winter Olympic Games of 2018.

A modern chalet, enclosed  by glass walls, able to create an immersive experience in the surrounding mountain nature.

Casa Italia is the C.O.N.I’s  hospitality house in the country hosting the Olympic Games. It represents the landmark of the whole Italian delegation, athletes, operators, journalists and collaborators who participate in the Olympic experience.
Also on this occasion, Casa Italia presents itself as a result of a project that aims to enhance Italian excellence not only in sport, but also in art and design, and it does so through a new concept: PROSPECTUM.
Partners and artists who were called to collaborate in the realization of a contemporary, unique and welcoming Casa Italia, strongly believed in this vision.

Among these, you can find Riva 1920, ambassador of Made in Italy style.
The protagonists of the spaces are several  pieces made of solid scented cedar wood, sculptural stools conceived  by different designers such as Alessandro Mendini, Mario Bellini, Mario Botta, Vito Nesta, Gianni Veneziano and Luciana Di Virgilio, Michele de Lucchi and iconic benches like Molletta designed by   Baldessari and Baldessari and Curve Bench, designed by Brodie Neil.
A sensory experience based on wood scent, able to satisfy the sense of smell but also the sight and the touch, thanks to sinuous and unusual shapes carved in the wood.

Thanks to: Ace Bed

Concept Prospectum : Beatrice Bertini

Architectural Project: Luca Galliano

Interior project: Claudia Pignatale, Secondhome Gallery

Art Project: Beatrice Bertini and Benedetta Acciari, Ex Elettrofonica Gallery