Riva 1920 is Icicle's choice

ICICLE inaugurates a new Flagship Store at Shimao Plaza in Shanghai and chooses Riva 1920’s most comprehensive products to decorate its spaces and to present the premium Paris Collection together with their womenswear, menswear and accessory collections.

Icicle is the first Chinese eco-friendly fashion company. The brand has been growing since its foundation in 1997 and it has recently become a chain of eco-friendly retail stores.

Both Icicle and Riva 1920 follow a Made in Earth philosophy which is the basis of their partnership.


The flagship store of Shanghai Business Park hosts both Icicle’s fashion collection and Riva 1920’s icons. The concept store is a meeting point between the fashion world and the design one.


The partnership between Icicle and Riva 1920 goes beyond project and functional logics: it aims at emphasizing a deep collaboration where both worlds merge in order to celebrate nature.