Ristorante D'O di Davide Oldani - MILANO

Davide Oldani’s new D’O, next to the old D’O of Cornaredo, reopens to the public.

Bigger, but with the same number of covers (48), D’O presents the interior completely renovated.  

Welcome of guests continues to be a priority of the Italian restaurant where Davide took inspiration from and in his new restaurant has been developed a lot. 

An integral part of the architecture project, designed by Pietro Lissoni, is the framed glass wall that has a perforated metal profile and that is covered by a platform roof that opens onto the square with a glass surface big enough to let the square “coming in the house”  and the house “coming in the square”.

Furnishing the new restaurant, Davide Oldani has strongly confirmed his certainties, starting from the tables and the chairs, that he designed by himself. In fact he realized some of his ideas that he was chasing for a long time which became real thanks to Riva 1920 through a careful tailor-made project study.

The choice of the materials was fundamental: solid Elm coming from reforestation’s areas, glues vinyl base and finishing in vegetal oil and wax, all ingredients for a 100% natural product.

Reliability, comfort and length of time were the essential bases for the project.

The furniture elements, in addition to elegance, have to be essential, linear and functional. The comfort could be translated with stillness and relax, but also with a correct digestion using an ergonomic form of the furniture born from the daily observation of the hosts- that starts when you sit down at the table, not when you stand up.

Under the tables, setting up without the tablecloth, you can find an under top to host the napkin, the chairs are provided with a glove compartment, situated under the seat, to lean the bag and a compartment “pocket emptier” to place your keys and your phone.

The restaurant is ready to take the first reservation but there’s already a 6 months waiting list.