Riva produces 13 tables for Refettorio Ambrosiano, designed by some of the most distinguished authors of the international design and architecture: Mario Bellini, Pierluigi Cerri, Aldo Cibic, Antonio Citterio, Michele De Lucchi, Giulio Iacchetti, Piero Lissoni, Alessandro Mendini, Fabio Novembre, Franco Origoni, Italo Rota, Patricia Urquiola e Terry Dwan.

The project stems from the insights of the director Davide Rampello and the chef Massimo Bottura, who immediately involved the Diocese of Milan and especially Caritas , to translate into concrete this original idea of solidarity , to which have been joined the excellence of art, culture and cooking.

The Refettorio  will take place in the former theater attached to St.Martin’s Parish, in the Greek district of Milan. On these 13 tables will be served meals to the most disadvantaged people, using  the exceeding food coming from Expo 2015 and reinterpreted by great chefs.

The auction house Sotheby, on 16th December 2014 , sold  65 tables ( 5 copies for each of the 13 tables) , whose proceeds were donated to charity.