MICHELE DE LUCCHI - Museum of Wood

The series of solid wood maquettes, realized by Riva 1920 for a few italian and international projects by Michele De Lucchi, is exhibiting in April 2011 at the Museum of Wood, Riva 1920. 

 Michele De Lucchi, italian architect whose works, ranging from architecture to furnishing, are well-known all over the world, exhibits solid wood studies of buildings, whose construction has recently been completed. The models chosen for this exhibition were selected in order to indicate where and how italian design is taking place abroad, particularly focusing the attention on the intellectual ferment that Georgia is currently experiencing.

The collaboration between the Riva brothers and Michele De Lucchi rests on years of friendship and on the sharing of designing methods, such as the adequate interpretation of reciprocal intents, constant research based upon figurative freedom and the shared preference for the beauty of natural woods.

“The friendship that ties us up to Michele De Lucchi goes well beyond a professional relationship. Michele’s professionalism and his profundity of thought represented for us a strong reason for personal growth” state the Riva brothers. “To host one of his collections at our Museum of Wood means marrying tradition and technology, past and future, allowing young people to grasp the importance of having knowledge of History to understand the presence and write the future”.