Michaelson Hotel - Klaipėda, Lithuania

MICHAELSON boutique HOTEL is located in a historical part of Klaipėda, close to the old Castle‘s site, on the bank of the Dangė River, in the building dating back to the 18th century. A restored ex-warehouse building is a monument preserved by the State enlisted in the Cultural Heritage Registry. The first owner of these buildings was the merchant Epraheim Michaelson, hence MICHAELSON boutique HOTEL. Michaleson warehouses are very rare buildings in Klaipėda, which fronted the water in the past. They might be even called Venetian warehouses. Ships were able to navigate and moor just by the wall. The waters had been forming the architecture of the city and these buildings, their character and identity.

The Hotel‘s interior is distinguished by the unique architectural solutions – the synthesis of the 18th century authenticity and modern elegance and comfort. Preserved original wooden structures and brick walls bring back to the past while modern natural materials – such as glass, stone and iron – make it very contemporary. Original lights made in Murano, The Glass Island of Venice, add a tint of elegance to the Hotel. A part of furniture is made of Venetian briccole – this is an allusion to the past of the building, as it is also built on wooden poles provided by Riva 1920.