Lamborghini Lounge NYC

The Lamborghini Lounge is an exclusive venue designed to highlight key events and to offer a typical Lamborghini lifestyle experience to distinguished guests like customers and their families. This intimate and luxurious home aims to develop a strong network among visitors while amplifying the Lamborghini DNA.

Unveiled in the stylish Upper East Side district of Manhattan on November 28, the first Lamborghini Lounge will remain open for exclusive events, by invitation only. This intimate and luxurious home with 600 square meters of floor space features an Ad Personam customization room and an immersive Urus area furnished with Authentic Living Collection pieces – result of the partnership between Riva 1920 and Automobili Lamborghini, design Karim Rashid – together with the classics of Riva 1920. 

Complete the loft a screening room for film or live-streaming showcases and other distinctive elements, with the aim to project guests into an exclusive Lamborghini lifestyle experience and enhance their senses. Furthermore, guests will receive exclusive access to the latest brand activities surrounding upcoming events and new models.