Eataly - Lingotto, Torino

Directly from EXPO Milan 2015 the PANGEA table of Riva 1920, comes in front of Eataly Lingotto and it will be here until the end of January 2016.

Eataly exhibits the work of Riva 1920, in a sort of metaphorical handover of Expo2015, paying once more the attention on sustainable alimentation and the global role that food can have.

The official inauguration of this great installation was on Tuesday, 15th December at 11am.

On this occasion the following people intervened:

Torino’s mayor, Piero Fassino

Expo 2015’s CEO, Giuseppe Sala

The creator of Pavilion Zero at Expo 2015, Dvide Rampello

Riva 1920’s president, Maurizio Riva

Eataly’s founder, Oscar Farinetti

It’s a wooden table, 80-square-meters large, designed by the great architect Michele De Lucchi and exhibited for 6 months at Pavilion Zero, where it has been admired by over 4 million visitors. The idea of this table comes from the Pangea, the single continent that was to include all the lands and that in the following geological eras divided into the present continents. The table symbolizes therefore the unity of all countries on the universal theme of food, which put everyone together going beyond prejudices and differences.


The Pangea table is made up of 19 pieces of Kauri wood, the thousand-year wood coming from New Zealand; the 271 legs of the table are made of Briccola, the posts of oak from the lagoon of Venice. Riva 1920 has created an all-embracing experience, a shining example of the techniques embodied in the traditions of wood working. Central to the realization of this project is respect for the environment and the safeguarding of our arboreal heritage by using recycled wood, something which has always been a distinguishing theme of this company, known all over the world for the quality of its furniture of solid wood.