CREATIVE GARDEN SHOW Suncheon Bay National Garden, South Korea Show designed by Alessandro Mendini

At Suncheon Bay National Garden Seoul, it’s been organized an exhibition of outdoor-indoor furniture and objects.

The exhibition is called Creative Garden Show and will be held this autumn in a handsome building inside the park. An area of 1,600 square meters will present 100 pieces of furniture and objects, all produced by the most prestigious manufacturers of Italy and Europe.

On view are the most evolved ways of experiencing the outdoors at home, in cafés, on balconies and in the garden. The selected products of 20 excellent manufacturers are meant to stimulate and arouse the interest of Korean producers of outdoor furniture and objects. For their part, Korean florists and gardeners will exhibit the most sophisticated ways to arrange and cultivate large and small plants in a domestic setting. The personal touch of furniture inspired by living with plants is becoming an important trend because it gives city apartments a sense of nature, and promotes an ecological, holistic lifestyle that is linked to traditional spiritual forces. The furniture, objects and plants presented at this exhibition are selected according to the concept of "living with greenery".

It is interactive, educational and spectacular, aiming to be attractive to all visitors and their children. Sculptures, many decorations and flower vases were specially created for the occasion to create captivating furnishing suggestions, all to be admired along a visitor route full of novel ideas. Alessandro Mendini and Atelier Mendini designed the display and also they will present their own projects developed along the lines of the outdoor living and garden theme, including vases and objects made specifically for this show.

On display some pieces produced by Riva 1920: Unicorno (Briccola wood – 2011), Twelve (Briccola wood – 2013), Alessandro Mendini (Cedar wood – 2012)

30 September – 16 October 2016