4┬░ Design Award

The award ceremony of the 4th Design Award competition organized by Riva 1920 concerning  the design of the chair, will be held at the Arena of Salone Satellite, on Friday, April 7th  at 5.00 p.m.

Please kindly be informed that the names of the winners will be disclosed only on that occasion.


Summary of the prizes:

1st winner  under 26 : Euro 1,500

2nd winner under 26 : Euro 1,250

3rd winner under 26 : Euro 1,000                         



1st winner over 26 : Euro 1,500

2nd winner over 26 : Euro 1,250

3rd winner over 26 : Euro 1,000                            


Please kindly note that the results of the competition will be published on the website www.riva1920.it  in the days immediately following the award ceremony.

At the following link the video of Studio Aperto  (Italia 1), shot during the awards ceremony of the 3rd Design Award



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