Riva center

The building of the centre is almost entirely covered with larch, a homage to the wood, the everlasting feature of Riva 1920. In the wide and welcoming showroom, on the ground floor, is possible to touch some pieces of the main collections of Riva 1920, while on the first floor there is the unique Wood Museum that offers a real journey in the history and evolution of wood and its processes, cultural heritage of the company, since the beginning. The museum is always open to the public and the entrance is free.

Museum & Showroom

We kindly inform you that our Showroom and Museum of Wood are open:

Monday to Saturday 9 a.m. - 12 a.m. / 3 p.m. - 6 p.m.

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The Showroom, on the ground floor, is almost 1,200 square metres large and exalts the essence and uniqueness of products in solid wood. Here there are numerous objects and many design works, symbol of the great variety of the production, which renews and updates every year. Part of the permanent collection are pieces in wood of re-use, such as the thousand-year Kauri, the Briccole from Venice and the scented cedar wood of Lebanon.


The wood museum, on the first floor, hosts more than 2,000 machineries and historical tools for the woodworking, a unique collection in Europe as for the number of pieces (4,000). The exhibition, whose aim is to rediscover the traditional woodworking in Cantù, gathers many tools of the XIX century coming from the Italian artisan shops. In this room there are planers, working tables, saws: technical names, almost forgotten, that remind us of the woodworking.


On the second floor you can find Pangea Lab, a striking space made of fir timber and glass that houses the table Pangea, symbol of Expo 2015 design by Michele de Lucchi, inspired to the single continent that once was believed to include all the emerged lands and that during the subsequent geological ages was divided in different continents. The surface of 80 square meters made of Kauri, the wood coming from New Zealand, is composed of 19 shaped pieces and supported by 271 legs made of Briccola, disused oak poles coming from the Venetian Lagoon.
All along the walls there is a xylotheque, a collection of woods coming from all over the world and a selection of natural materials such as: leather, marble, metals, glass and fabrics collected in special glass display cases.
It is an educational and training space whose purpose is to get acquainted with techniques and materials through the organization of workshops dedicated to students and to people working in the sector.