The style of Riva 1920’s collection shines through the images of the room settings, perfect synthesis of the identity of the company, made up of traditions, culture, creativity and innovation.

The object of the locations shots is characterized by different architectural styles consisting of house landscape where the furniture of Riva 1920 is the protagonist, as in a portrait of an author.

The architecture of the location and the design of the furniture merge together and complete each other to express the versatility of Riva 1920’s pieces that find their "place" within the settings in which they are placed.

Four types of style: Milan with an elegant and bourgeois character, Como classic model of an industrial space, Brescia modern loft with essential design and Cucciago farmstead with a rustic but contemporary allure.


The pictures reveal a world made of handcrafting and elegance, where the contemporary design exalts the ideas and where the attention to details creates something special, unique and timeless.