Karim Rashid


Made of solid wood, it is characterized by asymmetrical supports in curved and shaped plywood covered with leather, in which are fitted six shelves made of solid walnut, 5cm thickness. 

Finish: based on natural oil / wax of vegetable origin, with pine extracts.


Karim Rashid


I was greatly inspired visiting Riva1920 and Lamborghini headquarters / factories. 

Seeing state of the art robotics combined meticulously with hand craftsmanship really shaped my ideas for a collaborative line of furniture. 

Italy is a perpetual farrago of ideas, concepts, truisms, hand craftsmanship and progressive manufacturing. Italy understood that Design is a public subject 75 years ago, long before the world accepted it. Without companies like Riva1920 and Lamborghini design would have never become ubiquitous, omnipresent, experimental yet of the highest quality. 

The passion from both companies with their desirous need for innovation and beauty inspired me to focus on minimal simple yet a sensual collection. The furniture collection takes influence from the timeless quality of Riva1920 with slight aerodynamic forms of the Lamborghini cars and their progressive exceptional beauty. You can see a sense of fluidity and a melding of organic and pure form in the furniture yet comfort is never sacrificed. 

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Wood and finishes
Olimpia Saddle Leather

data sheet


OLIMPIA cowhide leather is a top quality, eye-catching material taken from the rump of a calf. The products used for the tanning, dyeing and finishing of the colour comply with European standards. To maintain the characteristics of the leather unchanged over time, some advice are required. In case of stains, remove the dirt by dabbing it with a dry cloth, without rubbing. Then wipe with a damp sponge soaked in a cleansing milk and finally dry with a soft, clean cloth. Do not use abrasive tools or chemical detergents which could permanently damage the surface and the quality of the leather. It is also very important never to expose leather products to direct sunlight.