Ground Zero

Ground Zero

The project “Ground Zero...Ground Heroes” has been promoted by Riva 1920 to show solidarity to the families of victims of the Twin Towers’ tragedy, occurred on 9/11 2001.  Not to forget the shock, the horror, the anger and the desperation of those moments, Riva 1920 in collaboration with La Triennale and Euroflora, remembers 9/11 by symbolically exhibiting two of the five works of art realized for the project: the table by Piano Design and Mario Botta. 

The products, realized under the technical direction of Davide and Maurizio Riva, are even more exclusive due to the material chosen: the Swamp Kauri, a unique type of wood that dates back to the Jurassic era. The rare and antique essence of Kauri wood, so as its symbolizing revival, gained a very deep meaning in the realization of this project: the Kauri challenged time, preserving itself intact within the earth’s womb. By realizing the products with this material, the initiative assigned to it the role of silent witness so that horror will not be forgotten. 

“The idea of realizing, through the use of the Kauri wood, five tables of fine design, signed by some of the most important and sensitive contemporary designers, as well as the idea of selling them through an auction and donate the revenue to the families of firemen that lost their lives at Ground Zero, is an exemplary expression of the ability of conveying emotions through symbolic gestures” declares the President of Triennale di Milano Davide Rampello. “A silent object, that will speak to thousands of people”.

The five models of tables in one single and exclusive exemplary, with the collaboration of the famous auction house, Christie’s, were sold during a charity fund-raising and the revenue was entirely devolved to the FDNY COLUMBIA ASSOCIATION in favour of the children of italo-american Firemen and Policemen of New York.


Mario Botta
Antonio Citterio
Terry Dwan
Renzo e Matteo Piano
Paolo Pininfarina

The "Ground Zero...Ground Heroes" project, aimed to demonstrate its solidarity with the families of the victims of 11th September 2001 tragedy, is 16 years old.