Valerio Cometti

I am a true lover of design, the "problem solving" , insatiably curious constantly attracted by the challenges from different fields , are intensely engaged in a design that will restore the balance between aesthetic research , design and real innovation , balance today challenged by the " decorativism ."
I believe that design should provide a much more profound contribution to the project of what I see around nowadays : the design , like a beam of X-rays, the product must be able to pass through without stopping on the surface of the same , the design must be able to speak with designers , with logistics, with the entrepreneur, with assemblers .
I wanted to train as a mechanical engineer to work as a designer, just to try to appreciate all aspects of the project and , selfishly , to know how to preserve my style to production.
In addition to endowing myself with the topics of engineering, practical boxing, which offers other useful arguments in support of the project ...

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