Simone Micheli

Simone Micheli founded the Architectural Studio of the same name in 1990 and in 2003 the design company “Simone Micheli Architectural Hero” with headquarter in Florence, Milan and Dubai. He is a teacher at the Poli.Design and at the ”Scuola Politecnica di Design” of Milano. His professional activity articulates in many directions: from architecture to interior architecture, from design to visual design crossing the communication branch; his creations, sustainable and always attentive to the environment, are characterized by big identity and uniqueness. He made many projects for public administration and for important private residences connected to the residential world and the community. His work was presented in the most important international exhibition shows and held conference and lectio magistralis at universities, cultural institutes, authorities in various cities in the world. Many publications and interviews are on Italian and international magazines. The last monograph “Simone Micheli From the Future to the Past”, published in 2012, represents a selection of 20 years of his design.

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