Lucio Boscardin

Lucio Boscardin was born in Bassano del Grappa in 1943.

At the age of 18 he arrived in Milan, studied and worked in the advertising sector  (which he will held by international advertising agencies and Italian companies for over 20 years).

In 1982 he opened his own graphic studio, through which he achieved good results.

In 1986 he designed the  symbol "mascot" of the 1990 soccer world cup.

In 1992 he designed the jewel of young love.

In 1993 he proposed the Italian Football League project to the Italian Football Game Federation, which will be sent in the Middle East.

He has always loves  painting, searching his distinctive mark that seems to have found following the charm of Futurism and then in the footsteps of Pop Art.

In 2015, fascinated by the history of Pinocchio (a book published by the Italian Foundation Carlo Collodi) led him to renew the image of Ambassador with Made in Italy products.

How the idea of  "My Book" was born

Several times, in browsing through the book of Pinocchio - the last complete edition published by the Carlo Collodi National Foundation, I asked myself: this is the story of Pinocchio and that's fine ... but if I wanted to create my own story, or the story of any student or person , how can I do it? You have to dive into something that encourages and helps us to do it with great energy.

Through a giant book ... I said to myself, like a wardrobe - this could be a valid solution –starting from here, I made a sketch and then a scale model - which would respond to a book having all the features necessary to make the dream come true.

While I was working on the scale model, I found myself in front of a real study book -  with a desk, a chair, shelves, shelves for every need. This is how the idea "My Book" was born - inspired by the book Pinocchio I looked at the possibility that this piece of furniture had the peculiarities of helping the present and the future of any student or person.

Moreover, at this moment there is the vigilant profile of Pinocchio that will encourage us in a pleasant way, helping to overcome the difficulties of study and daily life in complete secrecy by closing a strictly personal "My Book". Of course the figure can be changed  in other "My Book" models  with other characters such as: Leonardo, Dante, Michelangelo, Raffaello,  just to name a few ...

A "My Book" personalized with the stylized figure and carved in the bookcase, I  believe that it will help a lot the one who will develop his thoughts, in the direction he intends to carry on.

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