“After degree from Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School in 1991, she moved to Milan in Italy. Undertook mainly design, architectural and landscape projects from her integrated and fluid point of view. She has a particular interest in no boundary architecture, connecting outside and inside, integrated space with human and environments.

She co-founded ZITOMORI in 1996 with Maurizio Zito, the architecture and design practice based in Italy, in Milan and Avellino. The objective of ZITOMORI’s work is to extract a shape to a vision, responding to complex programs at any scale, offering integrated approach to design, architecture, landscape and territory.

Considering each project is unique with its own diversity, through a process of dialogue, reserch and analysis ZITOMORI arrives to the intuition to achieve the specific and tangible design, challenging experimentation in the contemporary architecture.

Major design works include the lighting system “ADAM” (LUCITALIA), and bathroom system “STONE

LIKES WATER” (PIBAMARMI), Table Lamp IOTA and Carmencita (Nemo).

Architectural works include Masseto (winery), FEUDI DI SAN GREGORIO (winery), Vigna la Corte (commercial and accommodation facility), Controne city riverside park and Irpinia Milan Expo Pavillion.

Awards: “New Construction of InArch Campania 2010” 1st prize, PIDA International Architecture Awards 2011 2nd prize, “Best Lamp” for Wallpaper Awards 2012, “Landscape Architecture of InArch Campania 2016” 1st prize.”

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