“The study Origoni Steiner Associated Architects, which includes Anna Steiner, Franco and Matteo Origoni, founded in Milan in 1976, is active in the publishing and graphics field and is dedicated to the architectural design of productions and furnishing products. The study has edited and designed exhibitions, in Italy and abroad, for public and private clients, including many Italian municipalities and regions such as, fair agencies international class museums, and numerous companies including Caimi Brevetti, Snam, La Rinascente, Moschino, GC Group Cabassi, Pininfarina, Fiat, Ferrari and many others. It has also signed furnishing products and interior design projects and has laid out and edited books of artistic and scientific character for many publishing houses.

The study also received several awards, including two “”Honor Mention Golden Compass”” awards for the design of the exhibitions “”Renzo Piano Building Workshop, The visible Cities””, and “”Roberto Sambonet””. It was recently selected among the finalists of the “”2015 Italian Architecture Gold Medal”” award for the project Academy of Panino Giusto. Franco Origoni was born in Milan in 1945 where he founded with Anna Steiner the study of graphics and architecture Origoni Steiner Associated Architects.

He was responsible for the Design Collection of the XVI Triennale and a board member of the Graphic Studies Center and the Jury Prize Felice Feliciano on the quality of the book. He is the author of articles, essays and books, and has collaborated with Il Sole 24 ore, insert culture. He is a member of ADI, Association for Industrial Design, and is an editor of numerous design exhibitions and on italian production in Italy and abroad. He collaborates with Renzo Piano Building Workshop in the design of the study exhibitions and is the advisor of the Renzo Piano Foundation.

Matteo Aldo Origoni, was born in 1978, graduated in 2003 in architecture at the Technology Institute of Milan. In 2007 he obtained the title of “”European Official Master”” in Theory and Practice of Architecture at the Faculty of Barcelona PFC. Between 2004 and 2011 he worked as an architect in several studies in Italy and abroad. In the same years he also worked with Origoni Steiner on the production of some exhibitions in Italy, USA, China and Japan, and carried out architectural works and furnishing products in collaboration with other young architects. In 2013 he was reported by the “”Lombardy Regional Council Of Architectural Orders”” among the best Italian architects “”under 40″” for the private home “”Ribelles””, made in Spain.”

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