Fabio Biavaschi

Fabio Biavaschi is a multidisciplinary Italian/Melbourne based designer who works in interior and furniture design. His design always translates emotions in spaces or objects and get inspiration from the experiences he lived. With more attention to practicality than aesthetic he gives to his projects a proper meaning rather than "just a pretty face".

Fabio Biavaschi, was born in 1982 in Cantù, Italy, a famous town known for its artisan and the wood’s workmanship.
He completed his study in 2008 at Politecnico di Milano graduating in Industrial Design.

After many years of freelance practice in Italy and in London, where he works in the studio of the English designer Marc Krusin, in 2013 Fabio moves to Australia where he found “BIA.d_fabiobiavaschi.designstudio”, a multidisciplinary studio that works in different fields of design, from furniture and art direction to interior, retail and display design. Fabio is presently based in Melbourne, and he works among Europe, Asia and Australia. Fabio  has participated to countless events, fairs and design exhibitions and won many international design awards. 

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