Davide Riva entered the company at a very young age, founded by his grandfather Nino Romano in 1920 in Cantù, in the heart of Brianza and led by his father Mario Riva. At the end of the 70s, he specialized in the production of custom-made solid wood furniture in respect of the traditions and cabinet making typical of Brianza. In the late 1980s, after a visit to New York, he approached the North American culture of reforestation wood and then began to design the first collection of solid cherry wood furniture inspired by the models created by the American Amish / Shaker religious communities, starting a long process of commitment and enhancement of natural wood and its processing.
He has signed some of the company’s best-selling products and is the promoter of a specific design identity.
Faithful to the philosophy that combines functionality and aesthetics of forms, he embraces the culture of reuse, its strengths are sustainability, design, research, social awareness and cultural projects.
Together with his brother Maurizio and his sister Anna, he is co-owner of the company.​

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